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Old Bakery Gin

In 2012 we bought a 120 year old bakery to use as our office for our Leak Detection had a secret, 100yrs ago they distilled & sold illegal Gin.

We created our own mini Copper Stills.

Old Bakery Gin is now back & LEGAL

old bakery bottle 2.png

Old Bakery Gin

Perfect Serve 

Old Bakery Gin was launched in 2016 by Ian Puddick after he discovered that the mews building that his business was operating from used to be a bakery that also made and sold illicit gin under the counter over 100 years ago. Ian researched the original gin, bought a still, and together with his father Ron (who is Head Distiller and is pictured on the label), they recreated the flavours of the original recipe. 

+ Fresh Basil Leaves

+ Artisan London Tonic 

+ Fresh Pink/Red Grapefruit

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